Jan 26 2008

rubyworks-ec2 0.1.4

The rubyworks-ec2 project is now hosted on RubyForge. The gem can be installed by invoking gem i rubyworks-ec2 or can be downloaded from the project's RubyForge page.

Thanks to Markus Bengts's input, version 0.1.4 adds a list of new features to the mix.

A capify-for-ec2 executable that will create or update the existing Capfile and config/deploy.rb files to include the EC2 Capistrano recipes. It will also copy server configuration files (e.g. config files for apache2, monit, mysql, etc) to your local working copy's config/server directory.

Think of config/server as a local copy of the EC2 server instance's filesystem. The files in config/server can be edited before bootstrapping the instance. They will be copied to the EC2 instance when cap instance:bootstrap is invoked.

The default configuration has been changed so that Monit manages MySQL, and MySQL is allowed to use more RAM (up to about 600MB if needed). MySQL and Monit are configured so that slow queries are written to a log file (default slow query limit is 2 seconds). Monit alerts if that file has been changed.

This release also allows specifying additional apt packages and gems to install on cap instance:bootstrap. To do so, add packages and gems to the lists that were copied to config/deploy.rb by capify-for-ec2.